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Christina Myers

I’m a theatre artist, teaching artist, and the Producing Artistic Director of Cobblestone Players, a theatre company based in York County.

This Spring 2022, I jammed all 24 books of Homer’s epic poem, “The Odyssey” into a one-act play written in the style of a Greek comedy. It was sort of like Mel Brooks meets the Greek gods on a grassy knoll.

As a teaching artist, I created ChemProv, an integrated art form that combines the Periodic Table of the Elements with Improvisational Theatre. I

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  • Gallery 1 - Christina Myers
  • Gallery 2 - Christina Myers
  • Gallery 3 - Christina Myers
  • Gallery 4 - Christina Myers
  • Gallery 5 - Christina Myers
  • Gallery 6 - Christina Myers
  • Gallery 7 - Christina Myers
  • Gallery 8 - Christina Myers
  • Gallery 9 - Christina Myers
  • Gallery 10 - Christina Myers
  • Alice in Wonderland Cast 2017


  • It\'s a Fairy Tale! by Christina Myers. Performance clip from May 21, 2022. Run time: 4:44


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  1. Christina is a true inspiration! She is so talented and creative, and I love seeing the outcomes of her work! The community is lucky to have her! And the kids are super fortunate to perform under her direction!


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