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Christine Mercer-Vernon

Christine Mercer-Vernon

This new body of work is a full circle return to my love of botanical florals.

“With each painting, I seek to understand the balance between beauty and impermanence.”

Painted from life, each composition is composed one stem at a time. Acutely aware of the urgency each bud has to bloom, I work to capture one particular moment in its’ lifespan. Throughout each painting session, I observe the transformation each bloom undergoes from fully open to fading, seeking to understand the ephemeral

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  • Gallery 1 - Christine Mercer-Vernon
  • Gallery 2 - Christine Mercer-Vernon
  • Gallery 3 - Christine Mercer-Vernon
  • Gallery 4 - Christine Mercer-Vernon
  • The Space Between / 10x10 inch oil on panel


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