Edima Enyong

Edima Enyong

My name is Edima, but you can call me Eden.

My name is Edima [eh-dee-muh] Enyong. I am an artist, illustrator, graphic designer, and creative consultant on a mission to make things a little less “boring”. I am adamant about capturing the needs and desires of my clients, and translating them into something that is both beautiful and practical.

I am experienced in both digital and physical art and design. Despite working on many logos, illustrations, apparel designs, and social media ads ... view more »

Resume (PDF)


  • Gallery 1 - Edima Enyong
  • Gallery 2 - Edima Enyong
  • Gallery 3 - Edima Enyong
  • Gallery 4 - Edima Enyong
  • Gallery 5 - Edima Enyong
  • Gallery 6 - Edima Enyong
  • Gallery 7 - Edima Enyong
  • Gallery 8 - Edima Enyong
  • Gallery 9 - Edima Enyong
  • Gallery 10 - Edima Enyong
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