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Katy Isennock

Katy Isennock


Katy Isennock is a highly sought Native American artist & performer.  She is an enrolled member of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe of South Dakota that grew up in Southern York County. She has displayed her artwork at the world’s most prestigious Native American Festivals and performance venues. She has won many awards for her style of dance across the US and Canada. Katy and her family have performed for theaters and stages across the Nation at places such as the Brooklyn Nets Stadium, The National

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  • Gallery 1 - Katy Isennock
  • Gallery 2 - Katy Isennock
  • Gallery 3 - Katy Isennock
  • Gallery 4 - Katy Isennock
  • Gallery 5 - Katy Isennock
  • Gallery 6 - Katy Isennock
  • Gallery 7 - Katy Isennock
  • Gallery 8 - Katy Isennock
  • Gallery 9 - Katy Isennock
  • Gallery 10 - Katy Isennock
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  • Katy Isennock is performing the Womens Fancy Shawl Dance. Everything she is wearing she has created by hand and the movements are in balance and meant to be graceful like a butterfly or an eagle.


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