Timothy M Gregory

Timothy M Gregory creates unique abstract-realism watercolor paintings that capture the natural and surreal elements of our world.

”I approach watercolor painting by allowing the medium to do what it organically wants to do while encouraging it to capture my vision. This collaborative effort results in something that the painter alone cannot create. It is uniquely spontaneous and challenges oneself to accept what is beyond their control.”

Creativity is essential to life. It is meditative. ... view more »


  • Gallery 1 - Timothy M Gregory
  • Gallery 2 - Timothy M Gregory
  • Gallery 3 - Timothy M Gregory
  • Gallery 4 - Timothy M Gregory
  • Gallery 5 - Timothy M Gregory
  • Gallery 6 - Timothy M Gregory
  • the mind of an octopus


  • Original watercolor paintings by artist @timothy.m.gregory - This video is an exhibition of pieces that were painted between 2020 and 2022. Approximately 100 paintings are represented. These works exhibit a range of subject matter and style that he has explored in recent years. Visit his website at www.timothymgregory.com.


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