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Timothy Myers

Timothy Myers



I am a figurative Fine Artist and Illustrator from Hanover, PA. My work explores the commonality of struggle and trauma inherited within the human condition. The problems we all face, as well as the shared desire and fortitude to overcome them. I often utilize contrasting soft realism against aggressive abstraction. I sometimes smear, splatter, tear and even burn my work. I bring the piece itself close to destruction while creating it. As in life, chance plays a major part in my creative

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  • Gallery 2 - Timothy Myers
  • Gallery 3 - Timothy Myers
  • Gallery 4 - Timothy Myers
  • Gallery 5 - Timothy Myers
  • Gallery 6 - Timothy Myers
  • Gallery 7 - Timothy Myers
  • Gallery 8 - Timothy Myers
  • Gallery 9 - Timothy Myers
  • Gallery 10 - Timothy Myers
  • Gallery 11 - Timothy Myers
  • The Contestants, Judges, and myself (host) of the Strand Sing-Off


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