York Audubon Society

York Audubon Society




The purpose of the York Audubon Society is to:
(1) promote an appreciation of the wonder, beauty and variety of nature;

(2) to promote a better public understanding of all forms of life and the
life support systems of air, land, and water and their interrelationships; and

(3) to foster a recognition of the need to protect wildlife, habitat, and
natural resources and to use and manage natural resources wisely

York Audubon Society Provides and Supports:

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  1. We have four wrought iron stands with hangers ( at 6-7 feet tall) that we would like to get rid of, one with squirrel baffle. Would a member be interested?


  2. This morning, Thursday, Jan 26 I observed thousands of what appeared to be gulls….flying mostly east to west/ SEE to NWW. I viewed them from my porch near Windsor Road x Kendale Road. The morning sun was focused through a narrow horizontal clearing between earth and clouds…lighting up the white birds against the dark sky to the north. Spectacular. Did anyone else see this?


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