Jeannine Dabb

Jeannine Dabb


   2426 croll school rd. , York, PA, 17403

As an artist, I am an observer by nature. While working as an aesthetician, I learned to look beyond what one sees on the surface of people. One must look beneath the surface to discover  deeper meanings, or one only gets part of a story. The content of my work comes from my history of working in the aesthetics industry and having close communication with people.

When I paint, I paint people, places, and things to which I  have an emotional connection. Because I don’t see things at a surface level, this may be why I work with thick layers of paint. There is a story that is told in the layers of paint and the found objects I sometimes use. These layers can be seen as chapters in the story, that can be visually read beyond a surface level. The ultimate goal in my abstract work is to make people look at the layers and question what they are seeing and what the forms represent. I hope people continue to look for deeper meanings beyond the surface.

I use a combination of processes to create my work. There is personal involvement with the subject matter I choose, which is always a place, person or thing that I am emotionally attached to. I paint plein air and also paint sometimes directly from photographs that I have taken. And depending on the work, the materials could include watercolor, pen and ink, gold leaf, and acrylic. I am currently using color choices that fit my mood, which usually involve a brilliant palette with a strong, positive vibration. I use dynamic line and shape to create movement. The paintings are meant to interest the viewer in looking at the subjects and cityscapes in a new light. These works are meant to give visual significance to places and people that are frequently not represented or are misrepresented. My goal is for the viewer to see these places in a different and fresh perspective. I want to show the beauty of the community in which I live, and use my passion to create large and small scale works that will have a place here.