Michael Baskerville II

Michael Baskerville II


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   3117 Galaxy Road, Dover, PA, 17315

My name is Michael Baskerville II and I’m a author. I’ve currently penned 4 books. I feel that every story that I come up with is a work of art and I’m good at gaining my reader’s attention because of how descriptive and articulate I am. My goal is to pen something that will stick with my reader and create something that will live long. Through my writing journey, I’ve been featured in 3 newspaper articles (York Daily Record). My first book release was “Thorns of a Rose: Situationships of Poetry” in 2016, followed by “Beautiful Scars” in 2018. My debut and sophomore were poetry books. My 3rd book and 1st novel “Trapped in love With a Narcissist” was released in 2020, a book I created during the pandemic that readers raved about. May 2021, I released my 2nd novel (4th book) “Survival of the Trenches”.

My passion for writing came at a young age when listening to hip hop and R&B and wanting to learn how to write my own lyrics and figuring out the formula of how an artist express themselves through their craft. My passion for writing also stems from watching movies and creating my own visuals in my head  to write down a great story. I always write unapologetically but it always comes from the heart. As a writer, it’s inevitable that you’ll be judged but the words that I pen down are my savior.