Ashley Moog Bowlsbey

Ashley Moog Bowlsbey


   1830 Craley Rd, Windsor, PA, 17366

Ashley Moog Bowlsbey is an artist from southern York County, Pennsylvania. She received her BFA from Pennsylvania College of Art & Design in 2012 and completed her MFA in photography from Indiana University Bloomington in 2017. She is currently an adjunct professor of photography at York College of Pennsylvania. She specializes in analog and digital photography, along with bookmaking and basic printmaking processes. Ashley’s work is emotionally driven, often focusing on topics of family, home, loss, and personal struggles.

Her on-going series Second Skin takes away access to each model’s figure to show the haunting
reality of our emphasis on one’s outer shell. The feminine beauty ideal is a socially constructed
belief that a woman’s appearance is her most important quality, influencing many women to strive to achieve an often-unobtainable visual perfection. The application of makeup in the morning and the removal at night is a daily ritual for many women. By collecting used makeup remover wipes, placing them back over the figure and photographing them, these images embody this repetitive beauty ritual.

The shells of the figures epitomize the tension between our outer body functioning as necessary protection and simultaneously being a source of angst. The smears of makeup left behind on the cloths are a metaphor for internal struggles with body image. The markings often feel violent reflecting the relentless, brutal thoughts that many women have about their bodies daily.