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Ange Bentivegna

Ange Bentivegna


“The process of making art gives me a tool to convey my authentic work in this world. It awakens my senses to the beauty and possibilities that life offers. In all aspects of my life and career, creative problem solving has been the essence of my inspiration. Creating Art is an innate expression, a spiritual connection and an essential commission that renews me. I create art that reflects the light, the spirit and the beauty of Life”


  • “Fantasy” Collaged dyed & painted silk, pen and ink, leaf paper and rice paper. 24”x 30”.


  • EMERGE: Creative York created a show called Project Recycled. The objective was to create a piece of Art from discarded materials. Most materials were obtained from a recycled plant. The scrape materials provided an exciting challenge, transforming ashes into beauty. Creativity is the ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns and relationships to create meaningful new ideas. “Creativity can be its own paradigm shift.” BIRDS ARE MADE OF RECYCLED PAPER & HAND DYED FABRIC- RECYCLED COPPER FOR THE ARMATURE & GREEN PACKING STRAPS REPRESENT PLUMES. BIRDS ARE PEN & INKED, THE FINAL ACCENT.


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