Austin Gingerich

Austin Gingerich

I’m Austin Gingerich, a co-founder of Silo Creative Community. 👋🏼

Silo creates environments that Creatives of all kinds feel safe in. We understand how important it is these days (and for young adults) to have places where they can be themselves through self-expression, connection, and experiential learning.


Our goal is to activate that deep passion inside of people to follow their dreams of becoming an artist by ACTUALLY showing them that it is possible to attain their dreams and ... view more »


  • Gallery 1 - Austin Gingerich
  • Gallery 2 - Austin Gingerich
  • POETRY SLAM crowd 2022


  • Finding the heartbeat of an area is hard work, through years of participating in the community we wished we had when starting out, we built something so meaningful, we\'ve seen life change in others around us who we call friends. That\'s the kind of impact we continue to foster through equipping others to lead a creative life.


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