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COMMUNITY DRAMATURG: I have worked in many facets of the arts —an Equity actor, teaching artist, designer, playwright, deviser, high school teacher, college professor, podcast-creator and more. But in everything I do, I dive into the community, providing time and space to share their stories and then turn it into art. During a tumultuous childhood, I found solace in the therapeutic nature of theatre. It provided critical skills, a mode of expression, and a safe community at a time when I ... view more »



  • In our constant quest to fulfill our role as a “Center for Community Arts” Dreamwrights’ Artistic Director conceived of the If You Knew York Project. In an effort continue to promote our organizational excellence in the performing arts we developed a new verbatim play while showcasing six local visual artists who collaborated to creating a 30x36 foot outdoor mural. The development of the script was devised from 100 interviews with members of the community that has served us in a myriad of ways: first it served as incredible introduction for our new Artistic Director to the community and its history, secondly 74{6a296c084410a5e0dfe8f878ed2c5b6e32ea3352e6921f07b1bbcacde2c9ed04} of those we engaging with had no previous interactions with our company, thirdly it allowed us as an organization to intimately learn about community needs, struggles, and dreams, and finally celebrate these discovers on stage in the form of a world premiere play. The mural component was amplified by a partnership with the Cultural Alliance increasing funds and scope of the project. By joining forces we were able piloting a career enhancement workshop that established meaningful relationship with six local artists who curated a month long art exhibit in November as well as each contributing to the “Rise of the Arts Phoenix” mural that is an exquisite expression of the mission of the project and of DreamWright as a whole. PHOTOS: RANDY FLAUM, BRETT GREIMAN, & GREGORY DeCANIDA VIDEO: RANDY FLAUM, JAY SCHMUCK & GREGORY DeCANIDA ORIGINAL MUSIC: SERGIO PAUL Curated, shot, and edited by G. DeCandia


  • Thank You 10 Season 6 Episode 3: \"The heART of America\" GUESTS David Holt, Mayor, Oklahoma City
 Charles Martin, Creative Director, Literati Press
 Sunil Iyengar, Director of Research and Analysis, NEA Host: Gregory DeCandia 
Head Writer: Kate Brennan Episode 3 reports from the heartland on the economic effects of the arts in a district, city, and nation as well as the ramifications of the pandemic on art and culture. We interview Oklahoma City Mayor David Holt, Literati Press Creative Director Charles Martin and Director of Research and Analysis for the National Endowment of the Arts Sunil Iyengar on their perspectives and projections. OKC EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT:…emics-and-pandemics Literati Press: Literati Press’ next Listening Series, “elevated,” the digital manifestation of the book ELEVATED THOUGHTS, premieres May 7, 2020. Visit for more info. National Endowment for the Arts: Bureau of Economic Analysis: Article of the 6th ACPSA:…segment-us-economy National Assembly of State Art Agencies: Creative Economy State Dashboards:…y-state-profiles/ Additional music in Episode 3 is from the album “Mindbody” by Alison Sloan. Hear more by Alison @ @alison-sloan

  • Thank You 10 Season 2 Episode 1: PROSe and CONversation Guests: Shishir Kurup (“Disgraced” Director), Tazeen Farooque (UNC\'s Muslim Students Association President), Lynden Harris (Hidden Voices Founder) Creator/Host/Editor: Gregory DeCandia Podcasting Director Arielle Yoder SYNOPSIS: First we converse with multi-faceted artist Shishir Kurup at PlayMakers’ Repertory Company directing the Pulitzer Prize-winning play “Disgraced\" by Ayad Akhtar. Next, the UNC\'s Muslim Students Association President, Tazeen Farooque, explains the importance of interfaith understanding. Hidden Voices founder, Lynden Harris, concludes Episode I by recounting 12 years of developing awarding winning work that empowers those of underrepresented communities in North Carolina.

  • Thank You 10 Season Season 3 Episode 1-The Race to Clybourne GUESTS: Kate Brennan, Tyra Bullock, Patience Williams WRITTEN, RECORDED, & HOSTED BY: Courtney Beyer, Alyssa Pearson, Haileigh Tomlinson PRODUCING ENGINEER: Gregory DeCandia \"Thank You 10\" is now broadcasting from its new home at Oklahoma City University and begins Season 3 with a story about a house. OCU Theatre\'s Stage II opens the Pulitzer Prize winning play \"Clybourne Park\" by Bruce Norris on February 2nd in the Black Box Theatre. Director Kate Brennan discusses this production\'s unique rehearsal process of \"dropping in\" text, actress Tyra Bullock recounts her experience with this show in the round, and student activist Patience Williams offers a local perspective of OKC gentrification. Additional music provided by Kate Brennan & Onika Hanson


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