Helen Tafesse

Helen Tafesse

As the Creative Director and Owner of Older & Wiser Co., I design imaginative concepts for shared art experiences + execute them with a team. From editorial photography + videography to installations + exhibits, my mission is to create moving, influential works that connect us to the human experience + provoke deep personal reflection.

O&W started as an outlet for creative writing + conceptual design, but organically grew into a resource for artist development. Connecting my own network of ... view more »


  • Gallery 1 - Helen Tafesse
  • Gallery 2 - Helen Tafesse
  • Gallery 3 - Helen Tafesse
  • Gallery 4 - Helen Tafesse
  • Gallery 5 - Helen Tafesse
  • Gallery 6 - Helen Tafesse
  • Gallery 7 - Helen Tafesse
  • Gallery 8 - Helen Tafesse
  • Gallery 9 - Helen Tafesse
  • Apprenticeship Final Project: The Joker Playing Card


  • This video was played at Pomp & Circumstance-- a celebratory evening of the spirit of O&W. This video contains just a FEW clips from over 65+ productions, events, classes, and experiences Older & Wiser has designed and executed over the last 4 years... Though it doesn\'t capture everything, it provides a glimpse into the energy that I pour into my art. Hectic, passionate, wild, creative, imaginative, and veryyyy behind the scenes for a grand reveal. The second half of the video is my perception of what it\'s like to be the artist producing at such an accelerated rate. I really do put my heart and soul into what I do, but that doesn\'t mean giving your heart is not a messy process...


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