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Jess McPherson

These works are unique manifestations of my self working to integrate thoughts and experiences. Initiated by instinct, they be come my teacher. Line, rhythm, color, contrast, and composition reminding me my first language, making sense of complex emotions, memories, and intentions. Here I am, releasing them into the world or sending them to you.

– JMc 2022


Jess McPherson is a multi-disciplinary fine artist, master artisan, and arts & culture strategist, born and raised in North Hopewell

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  • Gallery 1 - Jess McPherson
  • Gallery 2 - Jess McPherson
  • Gallery 4 - Jess McPherson
  • Gallery 5 - Jess McPherson
  • Gallery 6 - Jess McPherson
  • Gallery 7 - Jess McPherson
  • Gallery 8 - Jess McPherson
  • Gallery 9 - Jess McPherson
  • Small Moments, 2019 (thread, steel)


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