Mia Kraft

Mia Kraft


My name is Mia and I am the sole owner and operator of my own small Queer Stained Glass business, Wild Flower Glassworks. We believe in producing quality glasswork that is affordable and accessible.

I started my business in late 2019, after spending 17 years helping my mother with her own Stained Glass business. My mother started her business in 2002 and because of that I absorbed and learned the craft from helping her at events, shows and later at her physical location in our home town of Red ... view more »


  • Gallery 1 - Mia Kraft
  • Gallery 2 - Mia Kraft
  • Gallery 3 - Mia Kraft
  • Gallery 4 - Mia Kraft
  • Gallery 5 - Mia Kraft
  • Gallery 6 - Mia Kraft
  • Gallery 7 - Mia Kraft
  • Gallery 8 - Mia Kraft
  • Gallery 9 - Mia Kraft
  • Gallery 10 - Mia Kraft
  • Diana - Goddess Series


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