Insatiable Melanin by Mica Simone

Insatiable Melanin by Mica Simone


Insatiable Melanin is a custom print apparel company by Mica Simone. IM is a UNISEX brand. Designs range in sizes and colors. With these custom designs you can support a Black Owned Business as well as make a statement celebrating and loving your Melanin Excellence. Insatiable Melanin has been collaborating and creating custom shirts for organizations such as Rainbow Rose Center and Ski Roundtop, etc. Though some shirts are fun and witty, we hope to touch on social injustices people of color ... view more »

Work Samples (PDF)

I designed and printed custom shirts with these logos for an annual Diabetes Awareness Walk. This was a two-part event for the community in York. One walk took place in September and the other in November.

I printed out custom pillowcases for an event at Ski Roundtop. This is the final product with a review from the client on facebook.

Rainbow Rose Center contracted me to design and print their York Pride shirts. These were for their annual York Pride festival held at Cousler Park in 2022 and at the York Fairgrounds in 2023. Being able to build and maintain this relationships has been an amazing accomplishment. I was extremely happy to be apart of such an impactful community event.

I hosted a community engagement paint project at Penn Park for the Juneteenth holiday. It was a three day sponsored event, from June 17th to June 19th. The first day, we primed the custom-built wall. The second day, we painted the wall black with chalkboard paint. The final day (Juneteenth) was a celebration with free food and music. The community came together and drew on the wall and learned some historical facts about the importance of celebrating Juneteenth, especially as it relates to York.

For the past year Insatiable Melanin alongside The Parliament Arts Organization have been teaching art classes once a month, for the kids of the Salvation Army after school program. The objective is to immerse the children in different kinds of art projects in hopes that they can express themselves freely in a safe space.

King Street Jam is a music and art festival located on King Street hosted by The Parliament Arts Organization. I participated and had a chalkboard bus donated to me from Weary Arts Group. It's always been my dream to do a hands on community art project and this was such a success!!

I was awarded a grant for my first series of community outreach projects. Art affirmation classes for Inner-city Black youth is something very near and dear to my heart. Helping kids find positivity, love, purpose, worth and value in their lives is important. I have a different affirmation for each class with an art project attached. They can express their interpretation of the affirmation with a creative activity that they can relate to. This project has 7 classes with art themes that all ages can participate in.

Central York High School had numerous protests due to a book ban that took place earlier this year. Ben Hodge my former high school theatre teacher needed some shirt that made a statement and hired me to create a design. The shirts read "Black Lives Matter" on the front and "#enoughisenoughcysd" on the back.


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