Anthony Collier

Phoenix Media Arts was created by Anthony Collier and Joshua Santiago in 2021 with a mission to teach the youth in York County film creation through claymation. This unique form of animation sparks their imagination and encourages children to think critically while exploring their storytelling abilities. Through claymation, we offer them a platform to communicate their thoughts, emotions, and experiences, fostering self-expression and boosting their self-confidence. Our Claymation course is not ... view more »



  • \"Gorilla Zilla vs Dragon Breath \" is a claymation short film created by our students at Phoenix Media Arts. All characters, and film sets were created by hand by our students over a period of 6 2 hour classes. The students learned lighting video recording,set design, storyboard concept, and set management skills during this class.rnOur students worked with polymer clay and various sculpting tools to create everything you see on film. We hope you enjoy this wonderful look into our students imagination.


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